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How do I process a refund for an order placed through Curate?


Payment for orders via Curate are processed through your Shopify checkout and payment gateway. When a customer clicks the "Checkout" button on Curate, they’re taken straight to your Shopify checkout to complete the Shipping, Delivery and Payment information and payment is made directly to you. 
If a customer who placed an order via Curate requires a refund, you should process the refund in the same way you process a refund for any other order – through the payment gateway in which it was processed. 
To determine which payment gateway was used to process the order:
  • Find the order in your Shopify admin by searching on the order ID, checkout ID or customer email
  • Click on the order to view the details of the order.
  • Within the timeline on the order page, you'll see the details of the payment. Click on the payment in the timeline to show the payment details, including the gateway that was used e.g. eWay Rapid. Shopify_Refund.png
  • Process the refund as you usually would. 


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