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I offer Laybuy as a payment option – How can I ensure that Curate customers know this?

We're excited to have teamed up with Laybuy to make it easier for Curate customers to discover and shop products from partners that offer Laybuy as a payment option at checkout.

If you offer Laybuy as a payment option for your customers, we'll make this visible to customers on Curate. 
New to Curate? If you've just installed the Curate Sales Channel for Shopify, Laybuy won't show as a payment option right away – when you receive your very next order through Shopify where a customer purchases with Laybuy, we'll begin displaying Laybuy as a payment option to Curate customers. 
Here's how we let customers know that you offer Laybuy: 

Your store page 

Laybuy message will appear on your store page, below your bio: 

Filter by Laybuy 

When browsing categories on Curate, customers can tick the "Laybuy" filter on the left of the page to show only products that can be purchased using Laybuy. If you offer Laybuy, your products will appear here. 

Product page 

When viewing a product, customers will see the Laybuy instalment amount underneath the price:


When they add a product to their Bag, they can see the total price as well as the Laybuy payment price:



If you have any questions regarding any of the above, contact us here

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