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How do I ensure my products appear in Search and Categories on Curate?


Having great product details is the key to having your products discovered on Curate.

When you partner with Curate by installing the Curate Sales Channel for Shopify, the products you make available to the channel will automatically sync to Curate and stay up-to-date with the latest product information. 

When you are first approved to Sell on Curate after installing the Sales Channel, your products will be individually approved and categorised by the Curate Team. The categorisation process can take up to 10 working days. To improve the quality of categorisation, it's important to use great product details:

  • Tags - Tags are searchable keywords that you can associate with your product. Tags can help customers find your product through your the Curate Search. For more information on adding or removing tags, see Add or remove tags.

  • Product type - A category for the product that you can use to organise products in your store. This helps the Curate Team correctly categorise your product. 

  • Vendor - The manufacturer, wholesaler, or other vendor for the product. Vendors are not always visible to customers. You can filter your product list by vendor, which can speed up ordering inventory. 


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