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What happens when I get an order from Curate?


When one of our customers purchases your products through Curate, the orders appear in your Shopify dashboard ready to be fulfilled as usual – just like an order from your website.

There is no special shipping configuration that you need to set up – you just ship the order as you usually would. You don't even need to set aside stock to sell on Curate because we sync the inventory levels from your Shopify site.  

You can recognise that the order has come through Curate because when you're viewing the order in your Shopify dashboard, there's an indicator that says "From curate" in the top right, like this:



In your Shopify admin order dashboard you can filter by Orders from the Curate Sales Channel to view all orders that have come from Curate, like this:



The number of orders and total order value data is all available in your Shopify dashboard analytics, too – so you can see how you're tracking!


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