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What’s the checkout process for customers?

When a customer views a product on Curate, a pop-up will show the product description, image price and any available product variants.

If your store does not have the Curate Shopify Sales Channel installed, the Buy” button will redirect the customer to your website to complete the purchase.

If you have the Shopify Sales Channel installed, when a customer views one of your products on Curate they will be able to see any available product variants and a “Buy” button. Once a product variant has been selected, clicking the ‘Buy’ button takes the customer directly to the checkout on your website where they can enter payment and shipping information to complete the purchase. The shipping costs are calculated using the rates from your website.

The payment for the order is processed through the payment gateway that you have chosen to use for your Shopify store. Should you need to process a refund, this can be done in the usual way through your payment gateway.

The customer will receive any order confirmation and delivery update emails directly from your store, just as they would if they placed the order via your website.

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