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Why are my product images cropped and too zoomed in?

On Curate, product images that are rectangular are cropped into a square to fit within the product tiles.  If the product images on your store page look too zoomed in or aren't cropped the way you'd like, this article will help explain how images are cropped and how you can make your products look great on Curate.

Here's how a rectangular product image looks when cropped into the square tile on Curate: 



We recommend that you adjust the crop of your primary product image to have more space around the image, and ideally use a square crop like this:



There are a few ways to adjust the crop of your product image:

  • Use a free Shopify app like Bulk Image Edit by Hextom which allows you to quickly and easily resize all product images to a square shape (the most popular image shape) to unify the image display on your website as well as on your sales channels like Curate, Facebook and Instagram.


  • Edit the image in a photo editing tool like Photoshop.


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