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Buying on Curate

When buying on Curate, you're purchasing direct with well known stores and brands that we've partnered with. Every seller on Curate has been manually verified to ensure that they provide great customer service and ship products in a timely manner according to the delivery times stated on their websites and during checkout. 



Shipping and Returns

Since your purchase is made direct with stores and brands, shipping and returns vary. When you place an order through Curate, you will receive an order confirmation email and all order fulfilment status updates directly from the seller.  If you do not receive your order in a timely manner and cannot get hold of the seller, email us at and we will be happy to follow it up for you. 

To return an item, you will need to contact the store you purchased from to arrange a return as return policies will vary between stores.  




Refund Policies, Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Since your purchase is made direct with stores and brands, policies will vary. Each seller's policies can be viewed during checkout. Simply add an item to your Bag, then click "Checkout". The Refund Policy, Terms of Service and Privacy Policies (where applicable) can be found in the bottom left of the checkout page:









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