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What is a direct payment gateway?

When a customer purchases a product on Curate, the payment is processed through your payment gateway, just like they were paying for their order through your website. 

A direct (or "on-site") payment gateway allows the customer to complete their purchase without leaving the checkout. Credit card information is entered directly into the checkout: 


Direct Payment Gateway


An external (or "off-site") payment gateway redirects customers to an external payment page. 


External Gateway


To sell on Curate, you must have at least one direct payment gateway enabled in your Payments Settings. You may choose to also have one or more external gateways enabled, but must also have a direct payment gateway. 

You can activate or change a payment gateway from the Payments page of your admin. For instructions, click here.

Not sure if your payment gateway is a direct gateway or an external gateway? Check the list below. For a full, up-to-date list of direct and external payment gateways on the Shopify website, click here

Suggested direct gateways available in NZ: 


External gateways in NZ (not supported): 




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